About Us

The Perfect Home & Gift is my dream coming true!

When I was a little girl, I used to make my baby doll clothes out of felt.  My mom said I should be a clothes designer when I grew up.  That stuck with me so I went to college at Virginia Commonwealth University for a degree in Merchandise Management.  SLOW forward to age 55 before that dream finally came true!

After working in the corporate world all those years, the reality that while I was making really good money, I was miserable.  I dreaded going into work and even got physically sick towards the end.  One day I decided life was too short to feel that way and I quit my job without knowing where life would lead me.  My faith in God got me through the hard part, and my husband Tony, as I began to feel like life had something better for me.   

A mutual friend told me there was a boutique that might be looking for some part-time help.  Then it dawned on me that there was a store I had bought furniture, gifts and clothing from that I loved in Huntersville near where I lived.  I began working here 2 days a week and LOVED every minute I was here.

Later, the owner was selling the store due to health reasons she and her family were having and God was calling her to be there for them.  And I had the opportunity to buy the store!  The process began in February of 2020 to purchase the store.  Then the pandemic hit and the next 5-6 months were excruciatingly difficult as the deal came and went every other week.  My faith in God not to give up helped me through the process and on July 29, 2020 I became the owner of The Perfect Home and Gift!

The Perfect Home and Gift is my dream store.  We have furniture, home décor, gifts and clothing.  Our customers are friendly and love shopping here, they call it their happy place.  We constantly get compliments on the music we play and have even had a couple begin to slow dance once!  The store is a place you can find unique and items no matter what you are looking for and it smells great too due to our Bourbon vanilla candle that we also sell.

There is a lot to owning your own business but there isn’t one day I have not wanted to come to work.  In fact, I look forward to everyday, waking up and thanking God for giving me this opportunity. That is why I believe; dreams really do come true.

Stephanie Rapp

The Perfect Home & Gift Owner


9755 Sam Furr Rd, Huntersville - NC